We remain constantly updated on market developments and emerging technological trends in the context of the energy transition.
In recent years, we have supported some of our clients in the creation of teams dedicated to technological development and the realization of feasibility studies in the fields of Hydrogen and CCUS – essential for the decarbonization of hard-to-abate sectors – through a deep mapping of the Italian and international market. We believe that Energy Storage technology is central to the development of the renewable energy value chain. Within this area, we have had the opportunity to explore both traditional technologies (Li-ion batteries) and more innovative ones (CO2/Flow batteries), selecting profiles with high technical content.




We follow emerging trends in the mobility market and the evolution of smart mobility business models. Since its inception, we have supported companies operating in the electric mobility market, with a particular focus on the side of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. We are also interested in the developments of hydrogen and biofuel mobility. Over time, we have selected profiles related to business development, as well as technical figures and dedicated to project management.